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Dedicated State

by Chloe Albert

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Summertime rolls around, And I'm looking like crazy, I'm standing on middle ground, I need someone to lead me But every time I go hunting I end up gracefully with nothing I heard the fast pace, a steady race will get you there That'll be the day... And the bathroom smells like whiskey, And the hallways are vacant from your touch I feel the walls around me And I need you so much And just so you know, I don't break that easy And just so you know, I cry like a baby Well I could stand out in the winter Colder than ever Take it to myself in a soul search endeavour Let go of the things of my past And try to make something last Yeah that'll be the day... Well I'm sick and tired of all this Working and seeing nothing It's just like business I though i was worth something Pre-chorus Chorus
Firelight 03:57
My friends they say You've sure got a lot of stuff on your mind Why don't you try to relax, I said I can't without the answers Sometimes I walk down the streets at night To try to clear my head Think about what that crazy man said Again to me Because I can't shake the memories And I'm sick of feeling half empty I need somebody to send me... You laid the blankets out under the stars While the fire burned bright and I said Come here a little closer, I could kiss you all night And the moonlight would shine into your eyes And my heart would sink to the floor Then he said I know you love me babe But I think that I need more My folks they say, shake it off there'll come another one Why don't you try to kick back, The more you lose the more you want some Sometimes I lay down at night in bed to think of What could be done, what could be said To try and pick up the pieces, and put them together again Pre chorus Chorus
Check Mate 04:01
I never thought that kiss and tell Could be such a dangerous game Before I had something to sell Now I’ve got nothing to my name I saw you there, I sought you out I thought I’d checked my mate But you were leaning on a cold shoulder When you passed my way And now you think about The ways you could have changed it If you only would have seen it coming down You set your sail up and you took to one direction But you never turned the stern or the bow And then he said how, How do you do? I guess I’m doing fine I guess I just thought that you would always be mine So when you took the turnaround, I took the alternate route I swung by the long and found and left you something fool proof That you were there, and I was scared and now there’s no debate And every players got to play the game that’s why they call it check mate Pre Chorus Chorus
Honey Bee 03:56
You said you've got something to say, I said I love you but I can't stay, turn back the other way You said you're sorry and you made a mistake I said, listen now to the words I say see You might be in it for my sweet love, But I'm not about to be a part of Your games and your chasin' because your lies I'm tracin' And I'm not going to lose this time See I'll play babe if you pick up the pace I love you but I'll leave you if you ever lie to my face, 
So come back the dirt way, Keep it on the offstage This is a coming of a new age For you and I x 2 Instead of baby baby, Can you call me honey I'd like to take a piece of you outside You said you want to save me I think you want to break me I dare you to step a foot closer my friend and try 
So take the back seat boy, And listen up this time I've got you wallet in my pocket and all your money is mine I've got the five dollar bills that you wasted on me I've got the few cheap thrills you used, that nobody else could use on me And now it's two times, you're just stepping around You've got, soft shoes that don't push the ground So wipe your feet off at the back door Because you're certainly not welcome here anymore You make up, you break up then you try, To find peace to find love in his eyes But it should come to no surprise when he's Looking in your best friends eyes So forget the second chances, They don't exist in romances And there's bound to be another train that passes Chorus
Drag On 04:10
Lay on your side, sit down, lay down pray to god, This isn’t your real life Look to the stars open arms for the answers, and hold on to them tight It’s not up to you to be true to yourself Just pass it on to the next guy And hold on for dear life Don’t need a job I need a break to make Something for myself Keep that up and you’ll wind up just like everybody else… And drag on with the people who don’t know why They’ve got to live their lives empty until the day they die And drag on with the people who look to the sky, and they Are blue in the face looking for the reasons why And there’s blue collar, white collar all defined so by their dollar And not the difference between, Who was brave, who fought longer who made the world stronger Who is fighting for the right to speak Mark it square my body’s there, but my mind is on a race Trying to keep up with the real world and all of those who’ve got it made Chorus I've been waiting for this, got my plans wrapped up in my fingertips So there's no use pointing out the things I've missed, Because I'm half as sure that somethings going to give Chorus
Tightrope 03:32
How long will it take for them to read between the lines and stop hoping? Before they break the ties and let go of all the lies that they’ve been keeping He’s become her way of dealing with the things that ache and things that aren’t And I’m watching with blind eyes the way he reconciles her cries so recklessly But when it comes down, to what he wants She’ll put her hands down, and bear no guard 
Because it’s hard to let go, when it’s a tightrope That you’re walking And how long will it take before they find that it’s too late To turn around They’re breaking down with time but both walking a thin line between loss and longevity Pre chorus Chorus I know you’re feeling lost at times, When everything you ravel just unwinds You’ve got to lay it down, for the last time For the last time Chorus
Back Again 03:46
Now that I’m on my way To a place that I have not yet been On my own two legs, And with a shallow breath I take it all in How could you’ve possibly known That I would run away How could you think it would always be An ever after story of true love… If you would just come back again, I'd be waiting. Come back again I’d be here, With my fingers crossed and I’ll be hoping That you will find your way back to me It’s your love that I lack now And tomorrow's coming fast So why don’t you cut me some slack This time we’re going to make it last With my head hung high, I let go of my pride When I look back At what we had Chorus Farther lies, the truth ahead The longer that we hang our heads And try to move on from what we were Life is fine and it loves to line up The things we need to get a grip on, And carry them through within ourselves
Get up out of bed Rise and shine Kick your feet up because it is Beautiful outside Hurry up I said Don't waste your time You've got to realize that days like this are One of a kind We could go for a drive Watch the bluebirds fly On a sunny afternoon, My oh my how the time flies Yeah, why don't you come over Yeah, it's here and now or never Yeah, you've got to be a little bolder With your choices, no one rejoices anymore We could hitch a ride on the side of the road Pack a bag, a book and we are good to go And if anyone should want to tag along we'd say Come and write your sunny day song Because when we're driving down the road Anywhere we will go And when the night falls down on us all We'll have to throw up our arms And together we will call Chorus You could try to let go, But then we'd turn around Pick your feet off the floor to get you out of this town And there's no turning back until you get what you asked for
How do you get up and go When what used to be there to come home to Both disappeared on the streets Of a drunken city avenue And all you can do is get up And hang tough, but your heart keeps calling Someone stop me from falling, stop me from falling Stop me from life Because it feels like I’m hardly breathing When I think about it now It feels like my world is caving From the inside out It feels like I will be waiting, Will be waiting forever For love to come around I worked the morning time twelve to eight am, where I'd Mop the floors at night Singing along to the radio playing inside the café walls in the dim light And I met a man there who told me his story of life on the streets Through the dead of the winter, through the nights and the weeks He said: “I think I’m in love with you, this is me calling you home to me” So you can stop me from falling, stop me from falling, stop me from life Because it feels like I’m hardly breathing When I think about it now It feels like my world is caving From the inside out It feels like I will be waiting, Will be waiting forever For love to come around
I am not weak, but oh my knees are shaking And I'm fond of you my dear. I'd be complete, if you'd just love me And forever share with me the years. I cannot sleep, I only daydream Take me where you want to would you please I'd be just fine, with you beside me To take my hand so we can make-believe and sing, ladada n dadada n dada So pardon my eyes But I'm not done looking At your smile And pardon my smile But I won't stop grinning For a while You'd be my first in line for anything You are my conscience, you're my heart You are my right hand, you hold me up You keep me strong when I am lost And that's the worst that I can say Chorus I will follow you wherever you go Can we not waste any time I will love you just as high As we can climb.


Canadian Folk Music Award Winning Album


released April 26, 2008


all rights reserved


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